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"The mission of St. Sebastian Catholic School is to provide a Christ-centered environment where Catholic values, faith formation and academic excellence are instilled in the lives of students."

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Ellie the Elephant paid a visit to children at St. Sebastian Catholic School.  Ellie is an animatronic elephant brought by a team from the youth division of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), called PETA for
KIDS.   Ellie brought an empowering message about empathy and kindness for all animals, especially those in circuses and marine parks.  The message of compassion and kindness was extended to compassion toward all of life, people as well as animals.  
The presentation was actually in line with the STEM curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The students learned about the habitat of elephants and what they eat.  They also saw how the animatronic elephant was able to move and speak through the powers of engineering and technology.  It took six months to build Ellie.  The math questions were forthcoming with how long is an elephant’s trunk, how much do they weigh, how much do they eat, why are their ears so big, and how many years do they live.

Ellie has already spoken to more than 25,000 students in the past year about how to be kinder to all people and animals.  Her message teaches children how the choices they make impact those around them.  Just as we have empathy for animals or marine life that may be mistreated, so to we have empathy for people who may be mistreated.  The values of compassion and kindness were the message of the day. 

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